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Custom Apps

Developed in a way you don't have to think, just work.


Make the invoice at the iPad style. Now for Free.


Simple manager of private consultation appointments.

Simple manager of private consultation appointments.

MediAgenda Plus

Complete manager of private consultation appointments.


Smart Agenda for a medical clinic with many branches and several cabinets.


Efectivity research app of Multiple Sclerosis physics.

Another Custom Apps

Sales of footwear, Bathroom furniture’s manufacture, Commercial telephony wholesale, Aluminum molds’s manufacture, Travel Agencies, Real estate, Physiotherapy, surgery and aesthetic medicine, Maintenance, Printing, Technical Certifications, Management notes, Organization of Events , Veterinary Hospital, Ophthalmology, Optometry, Cardiovascular Surgery, POS, Footwear production, Hairdresser...


FileMaker: Developers of Excellence.

Special Mention: “Oftalmac, for its image capture from external devices”.

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